I was at a conference in Las Vegas recently where something happened that has allowed me to share a powerful lesson on the impact of your voice. You may think that the impact of your voice is small reaching, but I am here to show you a powerful lesson on how that is the furthest from the truth.  Our words have the ability to heal, as well as the ability to hurt. The ability to create, and the ability to tear down.  This powerful lesson on the impact of your voice will teach you how each word you speak truly influences every single person who hears it.

Going to conferences is an absolutely amazing privilege that I have as a part of the company I am an independent affiliate for, Empower Network.

There are thousands of people at the events, which means there are thousands of perceptions, or misperceptions, as the case may be.

I won’t take up time writing out what happened, since it is easier to simply watch and listen to the video.

Take 20 minutes to watch this powerful lesson on the impact of your voice, and then I will share what happened after the event was over! 

Good stuff, right?!

I hope this powerful lesson on the impact of your voice helps you to value the gravity and impression that your words have on another human being.

I am pleased to share that upon returning home from Las Vegas the day after I made that video, 

The gentleman sent me a lengthy written apology,

As well as a personal video apologizing for his misperception.

Make sure to share this powerful lesson on the impact of your voice with others so they too can gain this understanding!

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