I was so excited to be present for Blake’s first bike ride without training wheels! When Samantha had her first bike ride without training wheels, I was away at an event.  However, I still got to partake in it in a most amazing way! Have you had the feeling of excitement that comes from your child having their first bike ride without training wheels?! Well, this one was a bit more than I bargained for… All I can say is Blake + BikeTraining Wheels + Deck = OUCH! Annnnd, that pretty much sums it up! Continue on to hear and SEE what happened during Blake’s first bike ride without training wheels!

As you can see from what I said above, “Blake + Bike – Training Wheels + Deck = OUCH!” my son Blake, age 5, and his bike met the deck. . . Deck to head, literally.

This was his first bike ride without  training wheels, which is what makes it even more priceless and completely unforgettable!

I am so glad to have been able to be here for this momentous occasion, 

And especially the “extra!

He was fine and popped right up, no tears,

However, a bit stunned, no doubt!

This is just too funny not to share Blake’s first bike ride without training wheels!

Which is exactly why I have submitted it to America’s Funniest Home Videos!

Win or lose, it’s pretty hilarious!

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