A Powerful Lesson on the Impact of Your Voice


I was at a conference in Las Vegas recently where something happened that has allowed me to share a powerful lesson on the impact of your voice. You may think that the impact of your voice is small reaching, but I am here to show you a powerful lesson on how that is the furthest from the truth. Our words have the ability to heal, as well as the ability to hurt. The ability to create, and the ability to tear down. This powerful lesson on the impact of your voice will teach you how each word you speak truly influences every single person who hears it.


Are you Interested or Committed to Having Real Success in Your Life?


Have you ever wondered what the difference is between, or ever asked yourself, “Are you interested or committed to having real success in your life?” I mean, truly. I did a periscope a couple of days ago, on Saturday, August 8th, where I talk about this. I have to forewarn you, the language in this blog & that periscope is not for the faint of readers or listeners. Why?! Cause I keep it real, always. Sometimes it is time to, well… read on and see what it is I have to say, if you can take the heat, then watch the periscope where I help you answer the question of, “Are you interested or committed to having real success in your life?”


Top Producer Training LIVE with Laura Parrish


I was invited to be a guest on Chris & Lori Brindamour’s Televsion Show, Top Producer Training LIVE!

I shared my vision, story, “Why”, and HOW I, Laura Parrish, went from a simple stay at home mother of two with ZERO prior internet marketing experience,

To a multiple 6 figure earner inside of network marketing & Empower Network!


Creating Resolute, Real, and Measurable Focus In Your Life


Creating Resolute, Real, and Measurable Focus In Your Life. . . does that sound like something you would be interested in? What is focus to you? What is your focus in life? If you know the answer to that definitively, can you say that it is resolute, real, and measurable? If you had to take a piece of paper out in this very moment and write down the definition of “focus”, what would you write (without cheating)?! And then, what would you write in regard to yourself and what part it plays, or how it fits, into your own life? If you don’t have an answer, it’s time you change that! And if you do have an answer, but just can’t seem to bear in on it, and you feel like you are chasing after it all the time, I am here to show you how to start creating resolute, real, and measurable focus in your life!


Laura Parrish – From Stay at Home Mom to Multiple 6 Figure Online Marketing Earner


“Laura Parrish – From stay at home mom to multiple 6 figure online marketing earner?”, you ask! “How?!” Well, I am not here to say it’s all “flowers and roses”, cause it wasn’t. However, I can tell you that everything I have done, and all the work I have put in has been beyond worth it! There is no such thing as “get rich quick”, and anyone who tries to tell you there is, run! Run fast and hard! They’re trying to pedal something you don’t want! Read & watch on to see my story and how it has unfolded more in depth!


2½ Minutes with Jelly Beans & I Teach You How to Become Present in Life!


Do you ever wonder about “time”? I mean, when we are kids it seems like we are always wanting time to go faster! Saying, “I wish I were 10!” Then, “I wish I were 13, so I would be a teenager!” Then, “I wish I were 16, so I could drive!” Then, “I wish I were 18, so I could do what I wanted!” Then, “I wish I were 21, so I could drink legally!” Funny though, as it seems after that, we start wishing we were younger When we were kids, time seemed to drag on forever. Then, as you get older, it seems like time won’t slow down even for a moment. A moment to enjoy every precious piece of life. This blog will help you understand what exactly you need to do to start being present in the time that you have left, along with just how much time it is that you have!


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