Successes and Failures are Based on Your Consistency Results


Does it make sense to you that your successes and failures are based on your consistency results? Or have you ever had those moments where you look around and ask yourself how you ended up where you are in your life? Often times folks say to themselves that their life is a complete failure and they don’t know how it happened. Dare I say that folks who are successful haven’t said that same fashion of a statement. And the reason why is because they are aware of the fact that their successes and failures are based on their consistency results.


The Power of Perseverance Through Adversity


Do you believe in the power of perseverance through adversity?! Have you ever wondered if you yourself have the power to persevere through any obstacle that might come your way in life, any adversity?! I am here to tell you that you do have the power of perseverance and that you can get through any adversity that you face, whether it be in the near or distant future, regardless of how big or how small. Recently I discussed this topic on a team call, and how the power of perseverance through adversity is possible! Watch the short video to learn about the power of perseverance through adversity!


A Powerful Lesson on the Impact of Your Voice


I was at a conference in Las Vegas recently where something happened that has allowed me to share a powerful lesson on the impact of your voice. You may think that the impact of your voice is small reaching, but I am here to show you a powerful lesson on how that is the furthest from the truth. Our words have the ability to heal, as well as the ability to hurt. The ability to create, and the ability to tear down. This powerful lesson on the impact of your voice will teach you how each word you speak truly influences every single person who hears it.


Are you Interested or Committed to Having Real Success in Your Life?


Have you ever wondered what the difference is between, or ever asked yourself, “Are you interested or committed to having real success in your life?” I mean, truly. I did a periscope a couple of days ago, on Saturday, August 8th, where I talk about this. I have to forewarn you, the language in this blog & that periscope is not for the faint of readers or listeners. Why?! Cause I keep it real, always. Sometimes it is time to, well… read on and see what it is I have to say, if you can take the heat, then watch the periscope where I help you answer the question of, “Are you interested or committed to having real success in your life?”


Gratitude for 3 Years of Sobriety, One Day At A Time


Gratitude for 3 years of sobriety, one day at a time is a video that I wanted to share in a blog, seeing as my 4 years of Sobriety is coming up here in less than a month now, God willing. I made this video on my 3rd year of sobriety birthday, March 20, 2014. I am in hopes that this video will reach someone out there who needs to hear my story, because it matches theirs. Someone who will no longer feel alone after hearing it. Someone who will know there is a better way. That there is hope. And that they absolutely can change their lives, that they are not doomed. This video of my journey to the date of 3 years of sobriety, talks about just how I did it, one day at a time.


The Priceless Lesson This Family Picture Taught Me & How It Changed My Perspective


Today’s message is powerful one about the priceless lesson this family picture taught me and how it changed my perspective! It still baffles me that after having looked at this picture on my wall for years, all the sudden, my perspective on it changed! We all have pictures on our walls, right? If you don’t, that’s ok. Many people put pictures on their refrigerators, bulletin boards, mirrors, desks, dressers, or just about anywhere. Point is, you have pictures somewhere in your home that you see on a consistent basis! So what makes this picture so special?! The answer is in this blog, but before you read it, let me ask you, what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see the above picture?! Then, read on to learn the priceless lesson this family picture taught me and how it changed my perspective!


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