Successes and Failures are Based on Your Consistency Results


Does it make sense to you that your successes and failures are based on your consistency results? Or have you ever had those moments where you look around and ask yourself how you ended up where you are in your life? Often times folks say to themselves that their life is a complete failure and they don’t know how it happened. Dare I say that folks who are successful haven’t said that same fashion of a statement. And the reason why is because they are aware of the fact that their successes and failures are based on their consistency results.


Blake’s First Bike Ride Without Training Wheels


I was so excited to be present for Blake’s first bike ride without training wheels! When Samantha had her first bike ride without training wheels, I was away at an event. However, I still got to partake in it in amost amazing way! Have you had the feeling of excitement that comes from your child having their first bike ride without training wheels?! Well, this one was was a bit more than I bargained for… All I can say is Blake + Bike – Training Wheels + Deck = OUCH! Annnnd, that pretty much sums it up! Continue on to hear and SEE what happened during Blake’s first bike ride without training wheels!


The Power of Perseverance Through Adversity


Do you believe in the power of perseverance through adversity?! Have you ever wondered if you yourself have the power to persevere through any obstacle that might come your way in life, any adversity?! I am here to tell you that you do have the power of perseverance and that you can get through any adversity that you face, whether it be in the near or distant future, regardless of how big or how small. Recently I discussed this topic on a team call, and how the power of perseverance through adversity is possible! Watch the short video to learn about the power of perseverance through adversity!


Your Rules Don’t Apply to Others Lives!


Did you ever really think about the fact that your rules don’t apply to others lives?! Powerful thing to contemplate! We are so quick to pass judgement on others and what we think they should, or shouldn’t, be doing. When in all honesty, we each should be worried about what we personally should or shouldn’t be doing. Truth be told, our rules only apply to us, and no one else. Simply because we think they are right, doesn’t make them right for others. Check out this short blog and video where I share a powerful story that proves that your rules don’t apply to others lives!


A Powerful Lesson on the Impact of Your Voice


I was at a conference in Las Vegas recently where something happened that has allowed me to share a powerful lesson on the impact of your voice. You may think that the impact of your voice is small reaching, but I am here to show you a powerful lesson on how that is the furthest from the truth. Our words have the ability to heal, as well as the ability to hurt. The ability to create, and the ability to tear down. This powerful lesson on the impact of your voice will teach you how each word you speak truly influences every single person who hears it.


Abundance Is A State of Being and How to Live In It


Do you believe that abundance is a state of being, and would you like to learn how to live in it?! It took the business that I am in, a community of like minded people, and a mindset shift to truly grasp the concept that abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into. It is truly a state of being. But, how exactly do we learn to live in it? I did a call with my team last night where I share with them exactly how they can tap into the belief that abundance truly is a state of being and how they can begin to live in it. Read on to learn about the thought process behind the team call and watch a video where I share how you too can tap into this abundance state of being and learn how to live in it.


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