Do you believe in the power of perseverance through adversity?! Have you ever wondered if you yourself have the power to persevere through any obstacle that might come your way in life, any adversity?! I am here to tell you that you do have the power of perseverance and that you can get through any adversity that you face, whether it be in the near or distant future, regardless of how big or how small. Recently I discussed this topic on a team call, and how the power of perseverance through adversity is possible when you become totally immersed in what you’re persevering through! Watch the short video to learn about the power of perseverance through adversity!


Another fantastic team call is in the books,

And I feel compelled to share what I shared with my team. . .

The power of perseverance through adversity,

And. . .

How becoming totally immersed in what you’re persevering through.

It’s all or nothin’ baby, right?!!?

I’ve always had massive respect for babies,

Which may sound uber crazy to you,

But. . .

If they didn’t persevere,
If they quit, because it was too hard. . .

We’d all be crawling around this earth, instead of walking.

Make sense?

On a much bigger, and more personal scale,

A family member of mine has had to make a massive change in their life due to health issues,

And they had to make a choice.

Do or Die.


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And trust me when I tell you,

What they’re having to persevere through is a lot more difficult than,

Being frustrated cause you can’t figure out internet marketing!

As I stated pretty clearly to my team:

Just do the damn thing!


What’s the alternative?!

Going back to the way things were?!

That’s not beneficial to anyone.

Take  few minutes to watch and hear my thoughts on the power of perseverance,

And how total immersion in what your persevering through will change everything in your life!

Enjoy, and leave your thoughts & share, please! 


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