Did you ever really think about the fact that your rules don’t apply to others lives?!  Powerful thing to contemplate! We are so quick to pass judgement on others and what we think they should, or shouldn’t, be doing.  When in all honesty, we each should be worried about what we personally should or shouldn’t be doing. Truth be told, our rules only apply to us, and no one else.  Simply because we think they are right, doesn’t make them right for others. Check out this short blog and video where I share a powerful story that proves that your rules don’t apply to others lives!

Wednesday nights are ‘team call’ nights for my team,

And it seemingly never fails that God gifts me with an abundance of passion in sharing what’s on my heart.

Tonight was no exception.

after yet another extraordinary call tonight with my team,

I must share with you a piece of what I shared with them,

And that is this. . .

Your Rules Don’t Apply to Others Lives

And vice versa!

What you believe is right, may be right, for you.

That doesn’t mean it is right for others.

Learning to step back and actually acknowledge that before we speak takes a ‘big’ person, and shows true character.

Watch the video below where I share a powerful story about Stephen Covey,

One of the most amazing self development leaders who ever walked the face of this earth,

And his personal experience when he spoke up with ‘his rules‘ and the unbelievable result that came of it.

You know not what others are going through,
What is going on in their lives.

Click here to read another blog recently about A Powerful Lesson on the Impact of Your Voice , that falls perfectly in line with this message I am sharing with you today.


And before you choose to exercise that power,
Let’s all try to be consciously aware that our personal rules do not apply to others lives!


Thanks! :)



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